Such fun can be had on a bungee run!  Two people are attached by elasticated ropes – one in each lane.  When the word Go! is given, the contestants run forward to place their velcro pad on the marker line. They need to do it before the force of the elastic pulls them back to where they started from!  

This bungee run measures 10.7 metres (35 feet) long by 3.7 metres (12 feet) wide.  It is just 3.4 metres (8.9 feet) high so can fit into many large indoor spaces.

It’s fun to participate and fun to watch!

If you don’t have mains electricity within 50 metres we can supply a petrol generator for an additional £75.

A Bungee Run

will cost £400+vat to hire on its own,

but get a big discount on our Package Plan,

where it is just 10 points

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