There is no limit.  All of our corporate games packages can be tailored to suit the number of staff present, with the only change being to how the staff are split up into groups.  For a large organisation, we may run the activities in shifts, with one half partaking and the other half completing separate challenges in a nearby section.  For small businesses, we can offer exactly the same corporate games packages but would tweak the staff organisation and types of games in order to keep the focus and momentum going.

We offer a wide range of corporate games which include activities that puzzle the mind, activities that require team work to be completed, games that offer a physical challenge, games that rely heavily on team communication and activities that are great for inspiring competitive spirit on an individual or team basis.

Yes.  We are here to support and guide you throughout and will always want to listen to the aim of your staff event.  We obviously have vast experience and will be able to advise you based on that and your requirements.

These can be arranged by us but for an additional charge.

This can vary.  If the weather is an issue, then we will probably think ahead and plan a more indoor based activity.  We can tailor corporate games packages to suit indoor or outdoor venues, but if your event is in summer, it is ideal to be outside to allow for those watery challenges!

Happy faces, puzzled faces and talking faces.  These all point to a successful event!  On a more serious level, we always listen to our corporate clients as we plan the staff event.  We need to know the aim of the entire day as each company will have a different focus: team building, fun, strategic planning, problem solving or communication skills to name a few.  Whichever skill is the focus, will be addressed with the staff at the start of the day and we will make assessments throughout the day based on this focus.  At the end, the staff will be pulled back together to review the corporate day itself and to identify things they have learned or enjoyed.

Absolutely.  Some companies simply want to reward their staff and possibly their families with a day of fun.  This most certainly can be provided so that we will arrive, set up our activities and assist with manning the event to ensure everyone has a go, relaxes and enjoys themselves.

Absolutely.  This is important to us and to the company concerned – everyone loves a memento, particularly of a successful corporate day!  These photos will be taken by us and a CD or USB flash drive will be sent to your office a few days after your event for you to keep.

All our staff are friendly and fun, which is essential to motivate everyone.  Any introverted individuals will not feel left out, as we will do our upmost to look after them and encourage their involvement.  To be honest, our activities are so much fun, it would be hard for anyone to choose to sit on the side-lines!

If the day is wet or excessively hot prior to our arrival, we will check our agreed games packages and see if we need to make any amendments.  Obviously some activities may not work outdoors if it is wet, but all this will be discussed during our planning chats with the company.

We can provide generators which we hire in from a reputable company to ensure all health and safety guidelines are met.  This will incur an additional charge.

During our planning chats, we will discuss the venue and ask for measurements and images to help us plan the activities.  We do need a clear idea of space available and if indoors, height restrictions or floor surfaces as different activities could be affected.

If water is involved with, for example, our guttering challenge or stocks, then we will advise that staff attending wear casual clothes that can get wet.  It may be necessary for staff to bring a change of clothes with them just in case.

Our staff will do the best they can do to address issues like this during the day, but where this is not possible, the activity may have to be switched or removed.  This will not affect the running of the day as it will be our staff that do the adapting for you!