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This is undoubtedly the best Giant Operation Game in existence!  It comes on a real hospital bed and the objective of the game is see just how good a surgeon you can be.

With your real 60cm tweezers, you first have to remove the dressing from one of the body parts and then attempt to remove the body part itself.  That might be the Adam’s apple, broken heart, wish bone, funny bone, spare rib, wrenched ankle etc – there are twelve to choose from.

Make a small error with your shaking hand and the buzzer will sound, the lights will flash and no doubt, the patient will groan.

The game comes complete with wearing scrubs for total authenticity and amazing fun!

If it’s going to be played indoors, it needs to be on the ground floor with good access.

The Giant Operation Game

will cost £640+vat to hire on its own,

but get a big discount on our Package Plan,

where it is just 16 points