This is the professional edition of Subbuteo and it’s a giant!

As in real football, a coin is tossed for ends and the losing team kicks off. The centre-forward is gently propelled against the ball and the game is on. If the ball does not touch an opposing figure the team that has kicked-off is still in play.

A nearby figure is again played at the ball, and so long as the player is ‘kicking’ the ball with one of his own figures – and the ball does NOT touch an opposing figure – he remains in play.

Immediately the player misses the ball with his figure, or if the ball touches an opposing figure, it is then his opponent’s turn to play in the same way.

This is for major impact.

Over the moon?

Giant Subbuteo

will cost £160+vat to hire on its own,

but get a big discount on our Package Plan,

where it is just 4 points