Do you have to be a golfer in order to play our Golf Simulator?  The answer is definitely not.

Our Simulator can be hired for almost any type of event, whether indoors or out.  If indoors, it would need to be on the ground floor with good access.

It has been hired by golf clubs so that members can judge just how well they are playing certain shots.  It’s a brilliant learning machine.

However it regularly provides highly interactive enjoyment at all types of events, whether corporate or private.

The simulator utilises state of the art ball sensing technology which accurately shows where the ball has landed and which club is needed next to achieve the birdie.

Many clients opt for a nearest the pin competition, but longest drive is also another popular option.  The simulator gives full feedback to the player about their golf shot and swing.

It’s guaranteed to be a hit whatever you’re planning!

The Golf Simulator

will cost £800+vat to hire on its own,

but get a big discount on our Package Plan,

where it is just 20 points