We realise that parties are held by people of all ages and our games and activities have proved as popular with adults as they have with children. Adults, after all, are only grown-up children and we can provide a whole lot of fun for indoor and outdoor parties of any size. And by parties, that includes fetes, fairs, school or club events – any happening where people are meant to enjoy themselves!

The most economical way to hire your choice of games and activities is to choose one of our Packages.

Simply look at all that we have to offer and choose what you think you might want. Then go to THE PACKAGE PLAN page where you can see the points values of each activity. Add up the points and choose the Package that best suits your budget. Realistically we can create any package that you want and promise to give you the best price. Anything is possible. Just tell us what you are organising, when it’s going to be, how many people will be there and what games and activities you think might be good to have.

If you complete the Enquiry Form, we will respond within 24 hours or if you give us a call on 01608 676121, we’ll either be there to talk or will phone you back very quickly.

We look forward to hearing from you!