Should we have a theme for our corporate event or shall we just get on with it?

That’s a question that we get asked on many occasions and our answer is always the same.  With or without a theme – we guarantee that the day will be a success, but creating a theme  for the day is a very successful way of linking all the games and activities together.

For example – having a Western theme allows us to bring along some of our extensive range of western props – wagon wheels, saloon doors, mine carts, hangman’s noose, even a spit bucket.  The fun, creative and competitive atmosphere starts as soon as the participants arrive and for lunch pardner? Well it’s got to be off to the chuck wagon and the watering hole for a boot stompin’ barbecue with some saddle bum salsa.

Get the drift?

We can do almost any theme. We can certainly come up with suggestions, but we often find that you’ve got one in mind.

Either complete the ENQUIRY FORM or email us at, or give us a call on 01608 676121 and we can chat about the possibilities, which are endless.