In the four years that Games2Hire has existed, (previously known as Fete Game Hire), we’ve supplied games and activities to nearly 200 weddings!

Most of us love going to weddings but, let’s be honest, there can be moments during the day when as a guest you’d like to get away for a few minutes from the polite conversation and have a bit of harmless fun. That’s where we can help.

Take it a step further and maybe give the reception theme an English fete slant. It can look pretty and keep the guests amused as well.

It doesn’t matter where your wedding is taking place as we travel throughout the UK.  We can supply games and activities for outdoors or indoors and we can often be very flexible with the choice if at the last minute it looks as though the weather might be a little bit iffy.

Simply choose one of our packages and as a result, the cost of all our games and activities would reduce by between 18 and 35%.

We can create any bespoke package but as a guide, take a look at the five packages that we have on the THE PACKAGE PLAN page.