There are more fine days in the UK than you might imagine.  According to the Met Office, at least 50% of our days are bone dry and with 20% of the others, it rains at night.

So if it’s more likely to be dry than wet – what better idea at an event but a big barbecue?  And that’s what we can do for you.

You decide what you want your guests to eat.  We have very good relationships with a number of farmers and butchers and can provide the finest tasting sausages, real beef burgers, steaks, kebabs, hot dogs etc etc.

And we can do exactly the same if your event is indoors!

We can quote based on the number of potential servings.

Anyone for seconds?

The Big BBQ

For 50 people a BBQ of beef burger or hot dog

plus sauces and salads will cost £450+vat.

It is 20 points on our Package Plan, but we would

recommend contacting us to discuss the

huge number of options that are available